Galac Consulting - translations

We all hate to read and see mistakes, those simple translation mistakes which only a native English speaker will pick up. Try us: the image of your Company and your work that you want to project through any translation should not be tarnished by poor translations !

Translating Dutch or French into English!

Translating from Dutch or French into English isn't always that easy and small translation mistakes are irritating for the reader. Little mistakes that diminish the quality of your work and negatively impact your Company image. Especially with "in-house" translations these small mistakes tend to be made. Saving money on translations makes sense, but spending the small amount we charge to tidy it up is an even better investment.

What kind of help can we offer?

You can send us your translations and we will check for mistakes and give you a quote for corrections.

You can also send us your original Dutch or French text and we will give you a quote for the complete translation into English.
In this case, the normal rate per word is between 0.08 and 0.10 euro.

Customer feedback
"We were very happy with the professional translation and rapid response time."
from the MD of a Swiss based oil major.