Galac Consulting
Dairy Consultant

With over 30 years of experience in the business of trading dairy products, I know I can make a difference to your business. Before that, I had nearly 7 years of experience trading Eurobonds and bullion in the City. I also worked in the Treasury Department of a Merchant Bank. That too will help me to make your business better. Before that I graduated with a Master's degree from the UCL (Leuven), after a Bachelor's at FUNDP ( Namur ).

Belgo Milk

Consulting in what ?

Are you looking to expand your business, through acquisitions or own growth? Maybe you know that something is going wrong, from your slumping sales or squeezed margins.
It could be that your human resources problems are just becoming too difficult to handle. I have experience in all of the above, gained in the UK, Poland, Cameroon, Senegal and Canada. ----------------------

milk truck

Consulting how ?

A good business, which is also a happy business, always comes down to the right combination of people and facts. And for me, the starting point is people. The facts will often (only) be a reflection of how the people interact.
So face to face meetings with the principals must be the starting point. Usually several meetings will be needed to begin to understand the problem.